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I apologize!

2011-04-27 07:43:10 by Freezewire

I apologize for being an asshole

anyways, hows it goin?

Jesus Fucking Christ!

2011-04-23 17:29:23 by Freezewire

If you dont like me, dont post in my shit, or read my shit! Im only 15 fuckin years old, and you guys are on the internet I honestly dont give one shit about what you think, unless it is a nice comment or something.

I'm not a loser I'm just bored, and I didnt know Newgrounds had so many Cunts in it!
Fuck all of you!!!

New Grounds?

2011-02-13 17:52:35 by Freezewire

LOL, I have been waiting a long time to join this site, and now that I've joined, I've come to realize how awkwardly cool it is. We have the Phoenix Wrong series, and the Epic Egoraptor! All the epicness, plus comedy is 10x too much for me, I fuckin Love It Here!

That was a terrible first post! lol
But anyways I will just post some of my Art and Animations! Because I dont know how to make audio tracks!